This cutting edge technology has made life easier for people and has gone a long way to create a pollution free environment. As apparent by the name, folding solar

panels can be folded and carried around in backpacks. The size and portability of folding solar panels does not affect its efficiency. They are thin, compact and light weight.

Applications of Folding Solar Panels

Powering Water Pumps - Like traditional solar panels they convert solar energy into electricity, which is then used to pump water. It is very beneficial for areas that experience frequent power

failures and do not have enough space for solar panel installation. It requires a pump, controller, an electric motor, and folding solar panels. Charging Laptops and

Mobile Phones - These days mobile phones and laptops are a basic necessity. While travelling they help us remain in contact with our loved ones. If you are out on an adventurous

mission or in an area where electricity is rare, you won't feel disconnected if you carry folding solar panels with you. In addition to laptops and mobile phones, they can be used for charging other portable gadgets as well.

Folding Solar Kits - In the past few years companies have started developing solar kits that comprise of cables, connectors, voltage regulators, DC power adapters and batteries, in

addition to folding solar panels. All these tools come in a briefcase-shaped bag that can be folded and easily carried around. They can be carried around anywhere in the house and can significantly decrease electricity bills.

Charging Vehicles - Although use of solar panels is not very common in vehicles, they can still be used in case of emergencies. Like other appliances they convert solar energy into

electrical energy and store it in batteries. That energy is then used to operate those vehicles. This application is restricted to battery operated vehicles only.

Advantages of Folding Solar Panels

1. The ease with which they can be carried about makes them ideal for emergency scenarios and trips. So while you are camping, exploring or on a road trip, you do not need to worry about shortage of batteries.

2. They are robust and resistant to common damaging factors. Even if two or three solar cells on the folding solar panels are damaged, it will continue to work.

3. Despite its small size, these are more efficient than the traditional solar panels. Folding solar panels are capable of generating power even in cloudy weather.

4. Every solar cell on the panel is plugged into another cell. This way maximum power production is achieved. In addition to that, this connection allows you to use folding solar panels in multiple ways.

5. The power generated from folding solar panels can be used for charging mobile phones, portable radios, mp3 players, GPS devices, lanterns, flash lights,small coloured televisions and many more.

6. They have a longer life span.

7. Since they do not need to be installed, space is not an issue.Its practicality and ease of transportation is what makes them more popular than traditional solar panels. Moreover, through these portable panels you can save money on installation services.


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