Eye-catching solar panel house on Dodge sells at auction

The eye-catching solar panel house at 6704 Dodge St. — which caught more attention last month with a big sign announcing it would be auctioned off — has sold to an Omaha businessman who plans to make it a single family residence.

Although more than 100 people toured the property at open houses, only four bidders showed up at the auction March 2. The property ended up selling for $135,000; the opening bid price was $120,000.

Scott Brown and Rob Luellen of Quantum Real Estate, who coordinated the auction, said the residential auction was out of their comfort zone but they figured it would be a quick way to determine market value.

They said after the auction that they look at it as once-in-a-lifetime experience. “It was a fun process and we will remember it every time we drive by the property,” said Brown.

He said the auction did not produce any big drama but rather resulted in a “simple business transaction.”

Brown and Luellen suspect they would have gotten the same price for the property had they sold it via a more traditional listing rather than an auction.

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